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Regular Market Activities


Each week the Market at Black Dogs Farm will host a variety of activities to ensure that new and regular customers alike have something amazing to look forward to.  For a list of weekly themes and special events, please visit our weekly activities page.

Animal Adoption

Each week the Market at Black Dogs Farm will be hosting a local animal shelter or animal advocacy group.  Groups will have information on pet adoption, low-cost spay and neuter programs, and general animal welfare.  

Live Music

Live music will be at the Market each Saturday.  Ranging from individual artists to dynamic groups, each musical act will add a vibrant air to the Market experience. Sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive a full schedule of performances.

Kids' Activities

The Market at Black Dogs Farm is a family-friendly event.  Every week there will be something special for the kids to do: a scavenger hunt, helping in a kids-only garden, participating in a sing along... Also check our calendar for kid-themed weeks! 

Guest Vendors

Different guest vendors will be in attendance at each Market. These vendors may be related to the weekly theme or simply available to share their crafts, crops, or special talents with us on a limited basis. 


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